Positive Pledge

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to roll out of bed on the sunny side every day?

Think of it:

Giggles rather than grumbles.

All hugs, no hassles.

Purpose in place of pointlessness.

Photo courtesy of Angeoun / Wikimedia.

That’s the spirit!

It’s easy to imagine, but how about putting “positive” into practice?

How about making it a promise?

Devote yourself to positive action by signing The Positive Pledge, created by best-selling author Jon Gordon.

Visit The Positive Pledge, read the 16 tenets, and sign up. You can even download and print the pledge to post on the fridge as a daily inspiration.

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  1. Eileen Widman says:

    This is another way to remember to be grateful every day! I like this too. I still look at my gratitude pledge every day and count all the things in my life that are great.

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