Wondering who I am? I’m Merit Badge Awardee Jane (MBA Jane for short). In my former life

The requirements for this badge made me giggle a bit:

Pick a simple pattern, like a doll-sized quilt …


There is a three-hour minimum time investment required …

Somehow, I don’t think those two things will be a problem. I, myself, am rather doll-sized, and it usually takes a three-hour time commitment for me to thread a needle, so it’s all good.

I fell in love with the pattern of a Crazy Quilt. You know the kind. The kind that, um, doesn’t actually USE a pattern? Right up my alley. I’m a crafter who doesn’t play by the rules. Can’t fence me in.

I’m a rogue quilter!

*cue the movie trailer music*

I decided to really get my craftiness on, and use fabric from my life. You know. Fabric from something I love. It is National Sewing Month after all.


the pocket from my granddad’s cover-alls

pieces from my aunt’s apron that was disintegrating right before my eyes

a square cut out from my first ballet recital costume

some remnants from my security blankie I had as a baby

a scrap from the blanket I brought my Pomeranian home from the pound in

a tea towel from my mommy that makes me think of her banana bread

And to back it all:

the tablecloth from my parent’s wedding reception 

At first, I was feeling a little guilty, a tad choked up, and a smidge nervous about cutting into these precious textiles. But when I remembered they were getting a new life (a life curled up with moi in front of a marathon of Downton Abbey), I had renewed energy and determination!

Midge was kind enough to loan me her rotary cutter, which I confess, I totally thought was a pizza cutter at first. I eyeballed it, bewildered, craving Canadian bacon and pineapple, until she showed me how to use it on a piece of nearby calico. Sah-weet!

The other fun thing about Crazy Quiltin’ is cutting all sorts of shapes and sizes. My Home Ec teacher used to say I couldn’t cut a straight line with a skilsaw, so this quilt is actually kinda perfect for willy-nilly, rogue quilters, like me.

Star shapes, circles, half circles, squares, rectangles, strips, blobs … they’re all in there, happy as pigs in mud! I started arranging and rearranging like a woman obsessed. I nearly ended up with Swiss cheese fingers by the time I was done pinning, but by golly, it looked gorgeous! Really! Like something out of a crafter’s magazine.

Rogue Crafter’s Monthly, Crazy Quilts, and the Women Who Love Them

The next part was the sewing, and for that I had to fire up a rerun of Downton Abbey. Then naturally, I had to brew some English Breakfast, because who can watch British television without a cuppa? Then I got distracted and had to bake up some scones.

Yeah. There is a definite three-hour time commitment to this badge.

My quilting badge took Seasons 1 and 2, respectively.

And if I quilt with my pinky up, the way Maggie Smith drinks tea, well, that’s just a pleasant side effect.


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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I have made a few quilts in my day back when my girls were little . They are works of love and take a lot of time but the result is so rewarding when you see them on their beds. What I need to do is take a class on the quilting techniques for cutting and piecing because there are skills that would make quilting easier and thus more desirable. Taking a class in on my bucket list of things to do when more time allows.

  2. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    Crazy Quilts are one of my favorites, along with Cathedral Windows! The decorative stitches and possible embellishments from buttons to ribbon flowers to you-name-it are so beautiful and so much fun to add. You can use calico instead of velvet or polished chintz or sparkly fabric. Enjoy your tea and cozy quilt!

  3. Eileen Stone says:

    Oh My Gosh! This is me too!

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