Rent to Own


a … chicken?

Surely you jest.

Jenn and Phil Tompkins of Freeport, Pennsylvania, aren’t laughing.

Well, maybe they are, but their mission is as real as a rowdy rooster.

(That’s the only figure of speech that sprung to mind.)

“A lot of people are scared to get into chickens because they don’t know what to expect or where to start, so we try to provide an easy avenue for the customer,” Phil Tompkins explained to ABC News.

The Tompkins recently launched Rent the Chicken, a service that provides local Pennsylvania customers with two temporary hens, a portable coop, food and watering containers, and enough feed to last through the rental period.


Photo courtesy of Rent the Chicken

“Chickens produce the most eggs from May until November, so during the last week of November, we stop by and pick up the rented chickens, coop, and supplies,” says the Tompkins’ website. “Starting in November, we shelter them and protect them from Old Man Winter. As soon as May comes back around, we schedule a time to bring your chickens back to you and provide you with another season of rental.”

It’s all designed to create an easy learning experience without endless responsibility.

“Raising a chicken from an egg is very difficult,” Phil says. “Where we live in Pennsylvania, they sell peeps in the grocery store, and people buy them because they’re cute but don’t know what to do with them. But keeping a grown one is pretty much manageable for anyone.”

If a renter “chickens out,” the Tompkins team is ready to come to the rescue—no questions asked and no penalties.

Of course, customers who fall in love have the option of buying their hens instead of giving them back.

Pricing starts at $250 with discounts for friend referrals, and roosters are available upon special request.

I think that’s just cock-a-doodle dandy, don’t you?

I wonder if anyone would be interested in renting one of my backyard milk cows???


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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This is exactly what I need!! A trial to see if it would work and give hubby a chance to see fun and benefit without the full commitment. Rent one of your mini cows? What fun that would be for a summer of cheese making!

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