Bee City USA

Does your community deserve the designation of “Bee City USA”?

Image courtesy of via Bee City USA via Center for Honeybee Research, Asheville, NC

Founded in 2012 by the members of the Buncombe County Chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, this certification “encourages city leaders to collaborate with their local beekeeping chapters to celebrate and raise awareness of the contribution honeybees and other pollinators make to our world.”

Photo by Ricks at the German language Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

Asheville, located in Buncombe County, was the inaugural Bee City USA, followed by Talent, Oregon, in 2014. Ashland, Oregon, as well as Carborro and Mathews, North Carolina, soon followed suit, and now Bee City USA is seeking more communities to certify.

Photo by Natubico via Wikimedia Commons

“We encourage city leaders across the nation to explore joining the Bee City USA movement by completing the application process,” explains the Bee City USA website. “As cities and towns across America become attuned to the universe of creatures that make the planet bloom, we will become more conscientious about what we plant and how we maintain our green spaces. There is much we can teach one another—both city to city and species to species.”

Photo by Kimberly Vardeman via Flickr

Bee City USA stresses that their designation is both an honor and a responsibility. “The program endorses a set of standards, defined in a resolution, for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet. Cities, towns, and communities across America are invited to adopt these standards and become a Bee City USA affiliate.”

Learn how your community can earn certification at

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  1. just a brilliant idea!! Hope it catches on nationwide! Bee kind to your bees no matter where you live.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My daughter lives in Asheville, and they just opened this new All things Bee store with that same banner shown here in the form of posters, magnets, and pins . Plus they have all kinds of honey tastings, bee products, books, and fun stuff! I didn’t know about the Bee city designation but I love it! I hope more cities and states will get on board.

  3. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Had lunch with an old friend on Wednesday and was saddened to hear that her husband lost all of his bees. When hives were examined, he discovered they were all dead in the hives. Believes it was due to pesticide contamination. Somehow people just aren’t listening and taking precautions. What a sad state of affairs. I hope this program opens eyes and is very successful.

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