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You know how much I love being a techno traveler, a virtual vagabond.


Anyhoo, my web-based wanderlust has led me astray today, and I’m dreaming of a distant nook of the globe that seems so foreign and yet looks a lot like home.


Photo by Rosino via Wikimedia Commons

Destination: Bohinj, Slovenia.

Photo by borshop via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, I had to look up the pronunciation of Bohinj right off the bat (many thanks to the fantabulous, which boasts, “All the words in the world. Pronounced.”).

Here’s how it rolls off the tongue: BO-hin.

Now that we have that under our belts, let me share with you why I’m so taken with this mountain town that few Americans have probably even heard of. I can sum it up in two words:

Cow Ball.

Oh yes, darlin’. Cinderella is wearing a cow bell—not to mention, hooves—and her beautiful bovine stepsisters (no bad girls in this tale) are joining her for an annual ball held in their honor.

Photo by Rosino via Wikimedia Commons

Cross my heart, it’s true.

For 50 years, the third Sunday in September has been reserved by Bohinjians to celebrate the homecoming of their cattle, who have summered in lush alpine pastures high above the town.

Photo by Lovro67 via

As they meander down from the mountains, the cattle form their own processional parade past lovely Lake Bohinj, accepting decorative gifts like wreaths and flowered crowns from herders, cheesemakers, milkmaids, doting dairy farmers, and locals who flock to the festivities.

Photo by Saharadesertfox via Wikimedia Commons

“Jolly folk music blasts and stands selling cheesy delights, wood souvenirs, and wicker goodies line the cattle convoy,” reports “There’s dancing, log-sawing, horseshoe-throwing, and cow roasting (slightly ironic, we know). Heck, sometimes there’s even a Tina Turner impersonator. Udderly fun.”

Well said. And I hear that there are also opportunities to yodel, which no one in her right mind would pass up, right?

Lonely Planet says that, besides the ball, September is an ideal month to visit Slovenia because it’s the best time for hiking and climbing, and the summer crowds have disappeared. For more info, visit It’s been added to my bucket list. How about yours?

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Those are quite the garlands for the parade! The mountainous countryside is beautiful too. it reminds me of the Swiss Alps except their cows are mostly all brown. After all, they do provide the milk for awesome milk chocolate!

  2. Wow -all I can say is wait, why weren’t we invited to this ball? Especially you MaryJane as the “mother”of so many worthy beauties. What a picturesque country indeed. And their bovine beauties are ever so lovely decked out in flowers and wreaths. And a celebration that includes lots of cheese, I would be udderly over the moon !

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