Need an embroidery project?

Family business and embroidery are kind of our thing here at MaryJanesFarm. Or at least, they’re mine—either one always piques my interest and both together most certainly do!


So when we stumbled across the beautiful embroidery work of Sassy Spurs, I wanted to make sure to share. The Sassy Spurs team, consisting of mother Juli, daughter Lindsey, and like-a-family-member Robin, all share a fondness for post-World War II state pillows (as well as a 92-year-old aunt’s treasured embroidery lessons). They channeled that passion into an Etsy shop that opened in November of 2010.


And although each gal has a “real” job in addition to running the shop, they all dream of being sassy full-time someday. After much research, they’ve recently finished patterns for all 50 states, almost always including the state’s flower and bird as part of the design. They offer each state pillow pattern with a corresponding color palette suggestion, too.


So if you’re feeling sassy and looking for an embroidery project, maybe for some holiday gift-giving, take a look. I think these ladies are on to something lovely! Although, I think I might sneak my hometown onto Idaho’s embroidered piece.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These are awesome! The patterns remind me of the post war post cards that people sent when they began traveling the roads to visit new places. The Idaho design in really nice and yes, I agree that Moscow should be placed on the map!

  2. Looked up PA( where I live ) and sadly it is not nearly as pretty as many of the other states, but its a swell idea for a business.

  3. Karlyne says:

    Lovely, but they sadly reminded me of a quilt top that my mother embroidered of all the states, and, I think, their flowers. It’s been “lost” so long I only vaguely remember it. I think she made it while in high school, but I’m not even sure of that!

  4. bonnie ellis says:

    Those are really nice. I love to do embroidery. It is really popular in Minnesota right now. That pillow has some cool things about your state.

  5. embroidery project very nice, thanks for sharing

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