If handwriting often trumps typing (and research says it’s so) …

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… then it comes as no surprise that there are perks to reading printed paper instead of plasma screens.

Want proof?

Check it out:

  • University of Norway researcher Anne Mangen determined that people retain plot elements better when they read in print than on a Kindle.
  • San Jose State University researcher Ziming Liu found that screen reading encourages browsing and scanning rather than the “deep reading” associated with printed pages.

“We need to understand the value of what we may be losing when we skim text so rapidly that we skip the precious milliseconds of deep reading processes,” contends Maryanne Wolf, Director of the Tufts University Center for Reading and Language Research. “For it is within these moments—and these processes in our brains—that we might reach our own important insights and breakthroughs. They might not happen if we’ve skipped on to the next text bite.”

With that in mind, why not put your screen to sleep now and snuggle deeply into the pages of MaryJanesFarm?

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  1. Daizy says:

    Hay there,

    I certainly DO agree. Paper is so much more fulfilling to touch and turn pages and become one with. Your magazine is one of the things that I look forward to purchasing. I absorb every detail!! I let my subscription laps only because I wanted the store I purchase farm supplies at to keep it on their shelves. I have to go in for supplies and there it is…..available for me and others to purchase. I know that if a magazine is not purchased then stores will drop the magazine and I want everyone to see it and enjoy it like I do. Therefore, I purchase it at the counter for a few cents more just to keep it available way down here in Dixie.

    Love the magazine!! Keep ’em coming!!

    Hug and prayers,
    Daizy #1093

    • MaryJane says:

      That is so sweet and smart of you Daizy. I think I’m going to do the same thing with our local Tractor Supply–make it a point to be their first MJF customer!

  2. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    As much as the Kindle is handy to acquire reading material and nice to chart around, I love feeling paper and reading print off of paper. I don’t want to see the demise of the printed book or magazine. Keep publishing, please.

  3. Candy C. says:

    I like Daizy’s idea too! 🙂
    I do like books on my Kindle but HAVE to have magazines and cookbooks on real paper. It’s too hard to thumb back and forth on a screen.

  4. Sherri says:

    Those smudges and pencil marks in my cookbooks remind me which recipes my family likes best. Hearing the sound of turning paper and smelling the scent of old paper and dust makes me smile, get a mug of tea, and sit down for a good read.

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