Coffee with that cream?

­­Have you ever ordered a (carefully considered) cup of barista-brewed coffee

(you know, the kind with one of those fancy Italian names that end with –o)

and strolled over to the cream counter to add a dash of dairy?

Photo by Toshihiro Oimatsu via Wikimedia Commons

Surely you have.

And you likely took an absentminded glance at those shiny silver thermoses to check the fat content, splashed a dash in your cup, and moved on with your day.

“Hold it right there, sister,” say the folks at Organic Valley.

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“What if the tables were turned?” they ask.

What if, instead of first choosing your coffee, you considered your choice of cream and went from there?

Hmmm …

It’s a question that rivals the chicken and the egg.

But the farmers behind Organic Valley’s cream insist that their pasture-raised cows are THE key to great coffee. Without it, the coffee would be, well, just coffee.

“To prove it, we launched a backwards coffee shop in some hip neighborhood in New York City with the help of Organic Valley dairy farmer Gerrit van Tol,” explains the company. “See what happens when we sell Organic Valley Half & Half to the foodies of Manhattan …”

Isn’t Farmer van Tol a doll, y’all?

And who wouldn’t love having a Holstein barista at home?

Better yet, a Heritage Jersey!

COMING SOON TO A BACKYARD NEAR YOU! (If I have anything to say about it.)

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  1. love this guy and his ” girls”. I do buy local usually grass fed milk and cream. I cant find half and half that isnt adulterated so I buy heavy cream and make my own. but I prefer French style cafe au lait .

  2. Krista says:

    People really seem to have enjoyed picking their cream first before their coffee. It would definitely be a new experience. Since I don’t drink coffee I am not very aware of all the lingo and what people use. But if I do start drinking coffee in the future I will be sure to get organic creamer and help support those farmers and their beautiful girls!

  3. Karlyne says:

    When I’m traveling and I see a coffee stand with “organic coffee”, I zip right in. And if they advertised organic cream? Ha! I’d never leave!

  4. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I buy Organic Valley milk and creamer and I can say with enthusiasm that they make perfect cream for my coffee! Those whipping cream also a makes great hand made butter too. I love their animal husbandry model and feel good about getting good milk for my morning oatmeal and coffee.

  5. Grace Brown-katmom says:

    Luv IT!
    and thanx for the ‘ah-ha’ moment and smile…

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