A Women’s Prerogative

What is?

You know, to change her mind.

Or to put it another way, her metanoia.

I know, it sounds like a vitamin supplement, doesn’t it?

“Say, honey, could you pass me 500 mg of Metanoia, please?”

If only it were that easy. Change in a bottle, if you don’t mind. Take two and call me in the morning?

noun meta•noia \[met-uhnoiuh]

Origin and Etymology:
Greek, from metanoiein: to change one’s mind, repent, from meta- + noein to think, from nous mind
First Known Use: 1577

So, perhaps it’s less about switching the style of your coiffure from beehive to French twist, or your indecision over a jelly donut vs. a cheese omelet, and more of a spiritual change, a lifestyle change, almost a conversion.

Like when you switched to organic food. Or joined the Farmgirl Sisterhood. 😉

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  1. Joan Hendrix says:

    Oh dear. Yes I think so but I didn’t know there was a specific word for it.
    Divorced Mr. Wrong
    Married my hero
    Left my career
    Moved away from my home town (big city) after 57 yrs
    Since then:
    Got chickens
    Make my own yogurt
    Became a Farmgirl
    Bigger gardens of veggies and herbs
    Dabbling into essential oils


  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Finding the MJF magazine, reading how Farmgirl was simply a matter of heart, and then joining the Farmgirl Sisterhood was definitely a moment of metanoia for me! That has to be me in the photo above! Being a Red Tractor Girl was and still is ME!

  3. Karlyne says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever run across this one before. Should I use my metanoia and decide to read more Greek, I wonder… (Ha! Any Greek would be “more”!)

  4. Krista says:

    I have had a few moments of metanoia in my life just within the last couple of years. Some of my biggest changes were deciding to start growing my own food, feeding my babies my own home made baby food, and learning how to change my outlook on life as a stay at home mom.

  5. BB king says:

    MaryJane you are a marvel at teaching us, not only the ” farmgirl” way of life but new words we never knew existed.

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