You may know one of these people. You can usually recognize them by their gnawed pencils, their ink-stained fingers, their constantly open and tap-tap-tapping laptop, and their habit of leaving parties early when inspiration strikes.

What is a scripturient exactly? Someone well-versed in religious texts? Or a playwright? Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist? A handwriting expert? Well, they too could be a scripturient, yes, but here’s the actual definition:

(adj.) having a desire or passion for writing; having a liking or itch for authorship. A nearly violent craving and/or urge to put words on paper.

(n.) one who has a passion for writing.

This isn’t just someone who dabbles in the occasional short story or poem, however. Did you see the word ‘violent’ in there? This is a serious burning and lust for storytelling, novel writing, and an addiction to one’s own scribbles.

Do you know one? Are you one? We’re willing to bet Edgar Allan Poe was a scripturient in his (tell-tale) heart.

Photo of a daguerreotype by Edwin H. Manchester via Wikimedia Commons.



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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I am not a scripturient but I do have spells where I want to write things down that are important to me. Writing for me takes on a more practical way to organize and stay focused. My head does not fill with stories and other inspirations begging to be written down. Edgar Allen Poe”s short stories, which include Tell Tale Heart, used to scare me! We used to read them out loud at PJ parties in our early teens very late at night just to scare ourselves. Those stories always did the trick!!

  2. Karlyne says:

    I wonder if you can be a scripturient at times. You know, normal as can be and then wham! the fit arrives and the lust for words takes over…

  3. Karlyne says:


  4. Marcy says:

    I would literally die if I couldn’t write. I continuously make up stories about the places I go and sometimes the people I see. Especially if I happen to go by an old, historic house or other historic place. My biggest, most heartfelt dream is to be published one day.

  5. Krista says:

    I am not a scripturient, but I have 2 friends who are. One of them has actually already published a book and does a ton of blogging. I like to write my to-do list every day, but that’s my extent to writing. I’m not very creative in writing stories. Even though I wrote some good poems in school!

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