Christmas Traditions to Try

One of the best parts of the holiday season are the traditions you and your family begin and carry on. If you don’t have any, start some now.

P.S. I don’t recommend picking out more than two or three, otherwise your own personal holiday tradition may be an impression of Mrs. Grinch.

Photo, Lumières de Noël, à Montbéliard by Thomas Bresson via Wikimedia Commons

  • In Iceland, a popular Christmas tradition is giving new books on Christmas Eve. Then you spend your whole evening reading books in bed, and eating chocolate! Um, yes please.
  • Another popular tradition is exchanging pajamas on Christmas Eve. Everyone wears them to sleep and voila! … instant cuteness on Christmas morning.
  • If you have multiple children, a fun tradition is to wrap all their gifts in their own individual wrapping paper, no tags. In order to find out which paper hides their gifts, you hide a small scrap in the toe of their stocking.
  • “Santa Bags” are large bags for your children to put their old toys in (you choose the number) in order to be donated to those in need. Then, they’ll learn about charity and giving and they’ll have room in their toy box for anything new they receive.
  • Wrap up your collection of Christmas movies and unwrap one each night to watch.
  • Go on a Christmas light scavenger hunt: Make up your own list with items to check off that include things like a light-up reindeer, a Santa on the roof, more than four candy canes, elves, Snoopy, penguins, etc.
  • Get each family member a new ornament each year. At some point before Christmas day, sneak them onto the tree and see who notices first. You could even have a prize.
  • If you aren’t normally a church-going person, think about attending a candle-lit service or a midnight mass on Christmas Eve.
  • Go caroling with hot cocoa.
  • Dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for a holiday party.
  • Have an Annual Snowflake Cut-Out Competition.
  • Throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, or a White Elephant Gift party.
  • Have a Christmas campout in the living room, near the tree.
  • Every other year, only give and receive homemade gifts with your family members.
  • A lot of people enjoy going to a movie on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but you might consider trying a local production of the Nutcracker ballet, or see if your local community theater is performing something like A Christmas Carol or White Christmas.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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  1. Krista says:

    We actually don’t have many Christmas traditions and they actually are just the basic same family Christmas parties every year. I would love to create some new traditions now that we have kids and I have been looking into some. I really like the idea of wrapping each child’s presents in their own wrapping paper and hiding a piece in their stocking. I just might add that one to our list!

  2. Karlyne says:

    Great ideas! We already have quite a few of these, and it’s really what makes Christmas sparkle for us. I would add just one more: cut your own Christmas tree, preferable on the side of a mountain (both ways going up, of course) and at least once forget the saw and the sled to haul it out…

  3. Cindi says:

    Oh my! Between a house full of family and my internet being down, I just now got to see this post. What a beautiful picture!!! Long ago I started making gingerbread cookies and letting the little ones decorate them for the tree. I sure was delighted this year to see that my daughter brought the cookies she made from my recipe and had my grandchildren adding freshly decorated cookies to my tree! (From the frosting on faces, I believe there were a couple that were undecorated and redecorated a couple of times.) I had no idea those years ago that such a tradition would be carried on in our family.

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