Big Day for Little Horse

We’re considering a name change for our little Palomino mini-horse, Nutmeg. Today, she fearlessly and ferociously sprung into action to protect her pregnant Jersey pal, Maizy. What did our little “gunner” do?

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This just in from Oregon …

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Back in the U.S. E.R.

Shocking (cont.)

The next morning Meg was back in the ER with chest pain. There was a moment while we were waiting for the elevator that I was no longer the picture of calm. Meg said, “Momma, if my heart is threatening to go haywire, I need to remain calm. And SO DO YOU.”

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More Creative Connections

Fantastic round-table discussions, panelists …

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Good morning St. Paul. Here we come! (Stunning view from my hotel room.)

The first event, a luncheon with three speakers was everything and more. Humor, tears, and all things international. Women are one world! Their business advice and presentations were perfect.

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All Lay and No Play

“lay and no play … makes Jane a dull girl” was the title of this piece of artwork I picked up at last Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. The Artist is Julene Ewert, who recently graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in graphic design.

(Psst, she grew up in a small town in a family of artists. She said her inspiration comes from nature.)

Not only did I love the title of this piece, but it was made using thin layers of beeswax.

You Know You’re a Farmgirl When…

You know you’re a farmgirl when your Nanny is getting ready to leave for a trip so she asks you to get a wet rag so she can clean her boots and they’re covered in … you know what, BUT there’s a frilly pair of socks laying next to them.

Horse Diet

Have you heard about the horse diet? Yanno, the one where you drop pounds per day? It involves soaking all your grains first before eating.

You haven’t heard of it?

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It was a laborious day!

As has always been the case with us farmer types, the Reverend and I thought Labor Day meant TO labor, as in work, not a day free FROM labor. After all these years, we da’stn’t change.

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Gonna Get Married

Ooooh, I really love you …

My graphic designer, Denali, was married last Saturday.

This tale starts at the end of the event/day, or would that be the beginning? For Denali and Andrew, it’s the beginning but it’s the end for me because she’s moving.

(However, we’re going to give “remote work” a try. Did you know that entails leaving a computer set up here just for her so that when she’s working at home, remotely, her computer here is tied up? We’re calling her computer the Ghost of Denali.)

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