What’s for lunch today?

Okay, I have to say right up front, I didn’t stage this photo.

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Valentine Kitty

Rascal, our resident crime starter and overall blood pressure reducer, was Ace’s adoptee from our local Moscow Humane Society. A little rough around the edges after her abandonment, celebrating her one-year birthday was an important milestone. Born sometime in the month of February, we’ve dubbed her our …

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A Different Kind of Cat Box

I spy with my eye … something that is … white, orange, and black.

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Hi, I’m Eeyore.

“When I came to MaryJane’s, I was a sad sight to see. Pretty much the longhorn version of a Sarah McLaughlin SPCA commercial, my mother died when I was …

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Life’s Song

This is just amazing …

My jaw dropped in awe of the ingenuity and utter beauty, but I also felt an immediate rush. Something like,


Why had no one imagined this before? …

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Seed Catalog Romance

Are you spending your evenings curled up with a seed catalog? I am. Oh, the possibilities blooming inside my head! Tonight, anything is possible. What a delicious love affair I’m having.

Surprise Joke

Ad from 1916. It’s a good thing our humor has become modernized. “Best joke out.” Thankfully gone.

Picket Fence Romance

Amid the hubbub of our modern must-do-it-all lifestyles, there’s a longing that lingers for simpler schedules and down-home happiness. You know the feeling. I find it necessary to surround myself with little reminders—a rustic framed picture of a frontier woman here, an old cast-iron kitchen tool there. More than a collection of matching frills, they help me keep in touch with my inner farmgirl when the world around me is going a bit bonkers.

One of the most quintessential symbols of sweet and peaceful settings is the …

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Angel Kisses

My son, Brian, is covered in angel kisses and blushes at the drop of a hat. Ugly spots? No way. When I was a youngster, I tried to…

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