copy cat

“I’ll hang out right here on top of the copier.”

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Looks like we might be having another June-uary here on the Palouse. The cold weather and afternoon snows keep the hills dotted with splotches of white, and somebody *ahem (Rascal) is totally over it. She has recently …

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Great behinds stink alike.

My daughter, Meg, and her husband, Lucas, recently returned home from a business trip to Guatemala, where apparently, the horses get dressed a little more fully than their American counterparts …

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Who ya gonna call?

Ace was right on the money when she made this little graphic and hung it above …

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Improve Your Financial Condition

Say. If it were only this easy, I’d LIVE on popcorn.

Has anyone ever come across one of these vintage 1916 beauties?

Employee Lunches

A few days ago, I posted about Ace’s lunch. She discovered a clever little way to take salads to work, croutons and dressing included. Here is what the complete version looks like …

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Popcorn Friday

Yesterday was Popcorn Friday here at the farm. Most Fridays, two days after Hump Day on TGIF, I treat my employees to …

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My darling daughter Meg, love of my life, now with children of her own.