Biker Chicks

Remember the freedom of flying down the road on your first bike?

Or that glorious day when you were finally free of those embarrassing training wheels? (About which you’d been saying, for weeks, “But mooooooooooom, those are for babies!”)

Well, friends, May is the perfect month to …

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more guests arriving soon …

More B&B guests are only hours away, so we are down to last-minute prep. There are vases to fill with fresh-picked flowers from the gardens …

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B&B Countdown!

We’re expecting our next wave of B&B guests to start trickling in tomorrow afternoon. Erin and Aaron, our female and male tag team, have been working hard to get everything ready and cleaned up after our guests from last week. Sweeping out tents, shaking out rugs …

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Prepping for B&B

It’s time to wake up the farm for our B&B season!

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