Taylor Swift! Is that you?


Oh, teardrops on my guitar … it’s not Taylor Swift, but it IS miss-soon-to-be-missus Louise, a recent addition to team FARM, who also …

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Sometimes when you’re standing by the office printer (ours is named Darcy), waiting for pages to *blurp* their way into the world … you look down at your boots and count the stitches it took to make them. I got to 34.

Who said technology doesn’t …

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big truck!

Riding with Meg through town the other day, I couldn’t help but gasp at the size of this guy’s wheels on his truck! *ahem I mean just look at the size of that small little van to the right?! I think I would need a stool just to get in and a booster seat to drive …

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mango sorbet … the quick and easy way

This idea started several days ago when I painted by fingernails mango. With mango on my mind (pretty much constantly), and the day’s temperature hovering around 95, I remembered I had two bottles of mango/coconut juice in my freezer, so I set them on the counter to thaw


Now, I’m not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this morning I was.

Using care not to nick my pretty nails, I sliced ‘er open and …

What’s all the buzz about?

Pssssst! Or should I say bzzzzzt? New bees are here!

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Must not a got.

Yesterday, hubby bubby said in passing, “Must not a got …” I said, “Wait! Wait, right here, I need to WRITE that down, lest I forget what you didn’t get and how it is you said what you don’t got.”

Given I still have some snap left in my garters and I’m a bit of a straight shooter, I started to laugh. Snicker Doodles (birth name Nick) GOT it and he started to laugh too. That’s when the moment got up to a pretty good pitch—steeper than a cow’s face actually. I snorted and crossed my legs. (That means I think somethin’s REALLY funny and I’m in the moment HAPPY.)

Such is life is rural America. The deeper into its past you go, the sweeter it gets.

After we quit lovin’ on his folksy, regional upbringing, hubby bubby got serious, wiped the laughter from his eyes, and said,

“Spread that on the grass to make it greener—know what I mean?”

Are you a grubby girl?

While my daughter, Meg, and I were away in Toronto making an in-store appearance at Sears, two guests of my B&B, Mark and Kelley, left us the most thoughtful gift—Grubby Girls Soap! As well as the sweetest letter from Angela Bailey, another guest. I sure wish I could have been here to meet all of you. Best of luck with starting your own farm, Angela. One day, when the stars align, I look forward to meeting you in person!

Louise, our farmhand who’s engaged, was entranced by …

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SHOW ME SOME … boots!

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