We need your help!

We’re almost out of bumper stickers (I’d rather be glamping), so it’s time for us to come up with a new design for next year’s International Glamping Weekend. Molly came up with nine glamporific renditions for you to choose from. Help us decide! Pick your fav from our nine selections:










My favorite is #2. What’s yours?




I have a question for you.

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What’s up???

Chicken Butt!!!!!

(Proceed with caution. Viewer discretion advised.)

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Idaho Jane goes to NYC

Guess where this showed up?

“Really, really big.” -Ed Sullivan (for my age group only)

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farm romance photoshoot

Here’s what we do in the middle of the day when it’s 98 degrees out. 

What I didn’t capture was David off to the right waving his hat to keep Emma looking forward. This will be one of hundreds of pics in the next book I’m working on, Milk Cow Kitchen. Stay tuned for this pic—Emma with lace halter looking at herself in a mirror. (It turned out ADORABLE!) The next time you see one of our farm romance photos, consider the “village” it took gittin’ ‘er done.

Be a pretty, polished (& healthy) chick!

The weather around here has been topping out at 98 degrees. And we’re not talking about the late ’90s boy band, though they’d match my fever pitch right now. 

(I know, I know, I have no room to complain when the midwest is hitting 118!)

After my crew and I finished my glamping book, my daughter surprised all of them with a gift certificate for a pedicure but I guess she didn’t think I’d want one. I took it as a sure sign I should follow suit when I received an unexpected package of sample polish last week from Chick Nail Polish.

I called around town and found someone who could give me a proper pedicure, something I haven’t indulged in for a couple of years. Who doesn’t want to sit inside an air-conditioned room and get a lil’ pampered?  

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fashion police

Okay, Guess Me From Behind.

Who do you think this dusty behind belongs to?

(And why are there dirt stripes down her legs?)

 A. Thelma Louise Pitt

B. Kate Wynn Slett 

C. Samantha B. Witched

D. Kim Kay Trail

E. Alicia Goldstone

F. Meg Byron

Hint: Girl. Camera. Galloping Horse.

“Saddle your dreams before you ride them.” -Mary Webb