You’ve Got Mail

With everything going on, from the magazine, to the launch of my new book, to traveling to L.A. to appear on T.V., to spending four days in Houston launching my new collection of glamping fabric, I admit, I’ve let my Facebook personal messages fall through the cracks. (I’ve disabled the function everywhere Facebook will let me. Call me old-fashioned, but I do still have AN e-mail address. It’s 🙂 And I’ll answer them here since I probably can’t find the Facebook PLACE where I found these to start with. (If you’re from my generation—two minutes away from age 60—you can surely relate.)

1. Hello Mary Jane … I was telling my former aide that I had recently joined  …

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lunch time at the farm

What’s the best way to keep your lunch warm while you run to the barn to accomplish just one more thing?

A binder clip. 🙂 Today, it’s on my Peasant Tomato Soup.

Also very helpful while waiting for my favorite, Fiesta Rice (or any of my rice and pasta meals for that matter), to let it steep in the pouch the exact amount of time given in the directions … yum! When I travel, like recently to L.A. and Houston, I rarely eat in restaurants. Instead, I toss several of these in my suitcase and heat the water required for their 10-minute steep in my room’s coffeemaker. Dinner on a dime and just in time! AND organic to boot.

Halloween at the Farm

Here’s a look at some of the characters that showed up for work at the farm yesterday. Louise, as Little Red Riding Hood, brought her dog, Saphira, the big bad wolf.

Karina made her owl costume out of burlap, feathers, and fabric. Crafty chick!

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