Working Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

The brothers who made the parody video, I’m Farming and I Grow it, are back for yet another clean-humored video. Gangnam style.

Get Your Tail Feathers On

Local organic farmer and soap maker Kate Jaeckel/Orchard Farm, who we featured in a past issue of my magazine, left a little surprise package on Carol’s front porch. Both Carol and I received ADORABLE, super-lightweight glamper earrings. Check out the Etsy shop of the woman who makes them, Tina Halvorson.

Are you a Downton Abbey fan?

“The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won’t.”

So begins the saga you may be enjoying as much as I do:

Downton Abbey.

If you’re not familiar, this PBS series is set in the fictional Downton Abbey, a breathtaking Yorkshire country house (read: castle), and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants during the reign of King George V.

This show is well worth a cozy vicarious hour on Sunday evenings (9 p.m. my time PST).
Fellow fans will get a kick out of this little factoid I stumbled across the other day:

“As far away in miles and lifestyle as Downton Abbey may seem, there’s a close connection between northern Wyoming and the stately castle where the smash hit PBS series is shot,” revealed the Billings Gazette.

It sounds a lot like a made-for-TV movie plot, but the real Highclere Castle, which “stars” as Downton Abbey itself, is owned by the Earl of Carnarvon, who happens to be the first cousin of Wyoming rancher Paul Wallop.

As it turns out, Wallop’s great-grandfather Oliver was the son of the Earl of Portsmouth, but he was one of the period’s “remittance men,” younger sons of British families who didn’t stand to inherit a title or land. Many of these young swashbucklers, out to claim their own chunk of destiny, headed over the pond, landing in Montana and Wyoming in the 1800s, where they were subsidized by payments from home.

“Oliver first bought land near Birney, Montana, before buying the Canyon Ranch at Big Horn in 1889,” recounts the Gazette. “He also served in the Wyoming State Legislature … [but] when Oliver’s older brothers died without heirs, Oliver inherited the title of earl and returned to Great Britain.”

This walloping behind-the-scenes “real-life” tale has as many twists as its fictional Downton Abbey counter-part, involving senators, horse racing, castles, Queen Elizabeth, and even King Tut’s tomb.

Get all of the delicious details here, and then bide your time until the next episode by delving into the traditional tummy-tempting dishes of the post Edwardian period with Downton Abbey Cooks.

The Crawley Sisters: Lady Edith, Lady Sybil, Lady Mary

“I want a good man for you, a brave man. Find a cowboy in the Middle West and bring him back to shake us up a bit.” Christmas at Downton Abbey, Robert Crawley to daughter Mary.


Good Morning Sunshine



start your day off pleasantly a-moo-zed

This short video gave me a little cow-poke chuckle.

Do you Neti?

Flu season is upon us! If you’ve started the sniffling, sore throat, save-me-from-the-cold-sweats this winter, you’ll have to tough it out, but a neti pot can be your saving grace. It helps prevent colds by flushing out the cilia in the nostrils that hold onto the bad nasties you might inhale.

Most colds are acquired through the nostrils. Touching one’s nose and face transfers the bacteria, where it finds the perfect place to breed and wage war in your mucus membranes. I can’t begin to count the times my little friend, Neti, has saved me on my travels. From breathing shared airplane air to community taxi cabs and subways, there are plenty of places to acquire nasty germs.

So, when you’re feeling a little under the weather, get over it with a neti pot. (Please note: always use distilled water.) You can sing this little ditty while you do. Oh, and I should mention, neti pots are best used in the privacy of your own bathroom. Though it’s called muc-US, keep it a me, myself, and I activity.

I’m a little neti pot, short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When you get all stopped up in the snout
Tip me over to get the gunk out!

Click here to buy yours on Amazon.

dreamin’ in color

Color me silly! Karina reached up, on our tip-toppiest of shelves, to grab a new box of printer ink, and almost grabbed our multi-colored calico cat.

That Rascal, she’s at it again …

Happy National Hat Day!!

In honor of National Hat Day, we wish you a wonderful one!

Lots of love from a few of the ladies at MaryJanesFarm … Megan, Ace (Multimedia Producer), Karina (Design Assistant), and Louise (Photographer and Digital Imaging Specialist).

You’ve Got Mail!

Dear Mary Jane Farmer,

(LOVE how Anne Marie addressed her letter to me.)

“Please find the enclosed Paper Petal ornament that was made and designed from the pages of your magazine especially for you. I hand make each one designed specifically for someone from their old cards, books, magazines, etc. They have made great personal gifts over the years and I thought you might enjoy one of your own! I am including another one so you can see how much they vary, making each one special in it own way. I really enjoy your magazine and wish you all the best this holiday season.”

Anne Marie, NC

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Earth Meets Sky

From my office window, sky and land come together on equal terms.

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