Speaking of Crochet …

So, so, so sweet. Fern Lucille Hodges surprised me with a pass-THIS-down-through-the-generations BUTTERS wall hanging. How do I say merely thanks? It’s amazing!!! You’re amazing, Fern Lucille. I love it that women still make these. I will cherish it forever. My children and their children will cherish forever. If you want one for your family, get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with Fern Lucille.


Hear Ye!

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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Karen Price!

Karen Price (kkprice, Sister #411) has received a certificate of achievement in Each Other for earning an Expert Level Entrepreneurial Spirit Merit Badge!

“I have started a soap business called The Gingham Chicken. My soaps are made with goat’s milk, herbs and wonderful essential oils. I even went to soap-making school in northern Michigan to better hone my craft. Another farmgirl created my logo chicken and I have great business cards. Bit by bit all the pieces contiue to come together. What a great adventure. I also teach classes on how to make soap. People are enjoying my soaps and I’m getting some good comments.

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