Day ONE Magazine Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Today is the day we begin our eight-day FREE magazine subscription GIVEAWAY marathon.


I’ll pick one winner a day from our 865 (eight-hundred-and-sixty-five!!!!!) entries until I’ve given away 7 one-year subscriptions. And then on the eighth day, some lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription in celebration of our twelfth year publishing MaryJanesFarm.

Today’s WINNER of a magazine subscription is …

none other than …

the incredibly amazing …

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Chenille Bedspread GIVEAWAY

Okay, this special day calls for a GIVEAWAY in celebration of a GIVEAWAY (just to keep you on the tippy top of your bargain-hunting tippy toes). Today is the day we begin our eight-day FREE magazine subscription GIVEAWAY marathon. But I have another burning question that will net another lucky winner a new MaryJane’s Home chenille bedspread worth about $100.

Here’s today’s question for you (answer below in the comments section) that will enter your name to win a brand-new old-fashioned chenille MaryJane’s Home bedspread:


What’s your favorite memory of your grandmother? Here’s why I ask this question. In the 400 or so retail stores like Belk and Fred Meyer where we sell our chenille bedspreads, clerks tell us that women, upon seeing a bed dressed in one of our chenille bedspreads, bring a hand to their heart region, and say things like, “Oh, this sooooooooo reminds me of my grandmother!”

So, what’s your favorite memory of your grandmother?