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When we ponder re-using, re-purposing,


most of us don’t think …



Photo courtesy of The Gleaner’s Kitchen

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On my Glampers on the Loose Facebook group, one of the women started a list of member’s trailer names. It’s neat to see how creative y’all are!

I added my three “glamp mobiles” to the list.

The first is my “Lily Pad,” a 1968 20 ft. Airstream, named after a turn-of-the-century lily pad painting I found still in it’s original chain frame (to secure it for travel, I sandwiched it in between two pieces of plexiglass).


The second is “Little Pony,” my 2008 Custom-built Teardrop, inspired by what all little girls dream of.


The third is my 1962 12 ft. Shasta named “Magnolia Stellata.” I named it that after a bottle of vintage “Magnolia Balm” I found while antiquing. Also, I planted a Magnolia Stellata tree this spring. I thought it was cool that the proper name for the tree and the bloom has my grandgirl’s name, Stella, as part of it. Hence, Magnolia Stellata!


Have you joined? This is your cordial invitation. We would LOVE for you to come hang with us.

Click here to be taken to the page, where you may request to join, once approved by an adminstrator, go ahead and take-it-away with glampin’ photos, crafts, and get-togethers.

If you want to add your trailer, go to the “files” tab, click on “Glampers On The Loose Camper Names” and “edit doc” to add your camper to the list. Those who have added their trailers as of a few days ago, are listed below. (I’m sure the list has grown by now. Any B-Gs out there? Give me an O. Give me a Q, V,X,Y,Z. Whaddaya got? GLAMPER GIRL!)

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Yertle the Turtle

Saralou and Ace were carpooling last week when, with a sudden stop, they pulled over to see up close a little fella who was crossing the road S-L-O-W-L-Y. He almost got pancaked by a car!

They scooped him up and brought him to the farm. As it turns out, Yertle, as we call him (from the Dr. Seuss book, Yertle the Turtle) is the only turtle breed indigenous to the state of Idaho.


Check out what’s under the hood! Pretty fantastic markings. Apparently it’s turtle mating season right now, so this guy was probably crossing the road to find a lady friend. Why did the turtle cross the road?


After a fun photo shoot we released him (he wasn’t a huge fan of the indoors) in the pond here at the farm. He’ll sure have a good time this summer eating the enormous amounts of tadpoles that hatch there.