Ewwww de Toilet

How did that get there?

Just another day at the office—moo-ving between cows and grandkids and magazines and books—this lovely little, well, er, frienddeviantsmearing, smattering snuck its way onto my shoulder.

It whispered into my nostrils and those passing by me enjoyed its pungent pining.


Until luckily for all, it was sniffed out and properly IDed by Ace who pointed to it saying, “That’s downright purdy” (spoken with a T).”



I can’t wait to tell you about a company that’s doing business in a revolutionary way—you know how I love trailblazers.

CanvasPop is a web-based company that converts photos into printed canvas art.


Photo courtesy of CanvasPop.com

That is pretty neat in itself, but wait … it gets better.

CanvasPop has just launched a new project called Remade that aims to transform pieces of waste canvas (inherent in the canvas art biz) into wow-your-socks-off photo-art wallets.


Photo courtesy of CanvasPop.com

In doing so, the company will reduce its manufacturing waste by 70 percent while simultaneously creating a whole new product.


CanvasPop is donating $5 from every wallet sale (which amounts to 100 percent of the company’s profit) to Charity: Water.

Can it get any more amazing?

Oh, yes. In fact, it can.

According to Alyssa Hanson at CanvasPop, “Each wallet is constructed by EcoEquitable Inc., a non-profit organization that provides employment and skill development to immigrant and underemployed women.”

­If you order a Remade wallet, you’ll also get a $30 CanvasPop gift voucher printed on plantable paper from Botanical Paperworks that will sprout wildflowers when planted.

Here’s a video of how all of this magic happens:

Happy Day!

Our adorable Karina (graphic designer/photographer) has tied the knot this past Saturday. We plan on sharing more photos from her big day in an upcoming issue of MaryJanesFarm, but couldn’t wait to share just a photo or two. Let’s give Karina and Adam a big CONGRATS!!!!


It seemed only fitting to send them off under a halo of fireworks, not that their chemistry doesn’t already sparkle, snap, and soar.

644210_633220073364585_1312968701_n Such happiness!!!! What would we do without weddings?????


The Reunion — bring some tissues

UK Conservationist Damian Aspinall raises gorillas at his wild animal conservatory, under the Aspinall Foundation. Kwibi, a gorilla he hand-raised until age 5, was released into the wilds of West Africa five years ago as part of a conservation program.

Their reunion couldn’t be more surprising or sweeter!

Cardboard Furniture

Did you ever have one of those cardboard kitchen sets as a kid?


Photo courtesy of Edeenut Creates http://edeenutcreates.blogspot.com/2010/11/play-kitchen.html

Or, maybe your mother helped you make a simply splendid cardboard cottage …


Photo courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun http://www.agirlandagluegun.com/2010/06/cardboard-playhouse.html

My siblings and I were famous for fashioning elaborate forts out of boxes and blankets (yeah, I might have slipped a doily or two into our DIY décor!).

No matter what you constructed with cardboard, it was fabulous, wasn’t it?

Sturdy, stylish, and real.

So, here’s a point to ponder:

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It’s a GIRL! Meet Eliza Belle

Eliza Belle is here! And a sleepyhead girl at that.


The doctors and students at the Washington State University Veterinary School were so amazing and took such good care of Etta Jane and little Eliza Belle (born Tuesday morning at 1 a.m.). Here’s a commemorative photo taken when Eliza Belle was just 12 hours old. From left to right, Dr. Lisa Pearson, Erika Larsonberg (2nd year veterinary student), and Dr. Alexis Campbell.


Eliza Belle may just be the smallest calf ever born there, weighing in at only 30 pounds. Click here for Eliza Belle’s debut on the WSU website. I’d also like to thank Dr. Ahmed Tibary and Vet Tech Shirley Sandoval for their generous help as well. It took a village!


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