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Spring Trees

I’m often curious what my girls think of each season. Even more so, I’ve wondered how many details they observe and notice. So, I decided to turn it into a craft project for their entire class. Buttons are always a good starting place. Stella’s kindergarten class was sure that the trees this time of year are all very pink, purple, white, and green, it being spring and all.

Photo Apr 24, 4 49 25 PM

First, I traced their arms and hands. The students agreed the outlines make perfect tree trunks with branches for spring blossoms.

Photo Apr 25, 1 14 37 PM

All 16 of them took a wee bit of time to cut out.

Photo Apr 30, 9 13 00 AM

Each child’s interpretation of spring blossoms on a tree was unique. And obviously they’d noticed that some of the blossoms are set free by the wind.