In the last two pages of our children’s book, Moo-n Over Main Street Metropolis, we created a project for kids so they can have their very own Jersey cow. All they have to do is make a color copy of the cow, Sally O’Mally, in the book onto cardstock, write their cow’s name on her pinafore, cut her out, take a photo of the two of them together, and mail or e-mail it to us. We’ve posted some of the photos on our website.

Here’s a glimpse of Dolly Anna and Gladys Pippi on their first trip with us.

2015-08-04 09.33.51

2015-08-04 09.32.05

2015-08-04 09.35.53

We’re Celebrating our Farmcation

Since we’re in between moving out of our old home and moving into our new home, we’re bunking up at the farm with NannyJane. We’re calling it our “farmcation,” and you might see a few more farm pics in the coming weeks.

We just got back from an East Coast trip, so we’re waking up with the sun and the rooster, and this morning, we decided we’d wander out our back door at the farm …

Photo Aug 11, 6 57 57 AM

Photo Aug 11, 7 11 27 AM

A beautiful morning with my favorite hikers.

Photo Aug 11, 7 07 06 AM


Childhood Memories

My fraternal grandparents had a house on the Cape during my childhood. My summer memories are filled with all things Cape Cod.

So taking my little family back is a dream come true for me. We filled our days with the beach and bike rides to and fro. And our evenings were spent eating seafood and fresh veggies from the same farm I frequented with my grandmother as a child.

Photo Aug 07, 6 47 15 AM

The Crow Farm stand has actually been selling veggies since the 1960s in its current location. Not much has changed since I was a kid.

Photo Aug 07, 6 35 20 AM
I picked up some corn they were just bringing in from the fields. And a beautiful head of lettuce.

Photo Aug 07, 6 38 55 AM

Then we completed the meal with a few of these …

Photo Aug 07, 2 03 19 PM

And caught the sunset on the beach.

Photo Aug 07, 4 48 32 PM

Thankful for farmstands and childhood memories that have withstood time. And thankful for memories in the making!

Mia’s Cucumber

When Mia brought home a small cucumber plant that she had been meticulously watering the last few weeks of school from a small seed she planted, she was so proud and I was a tad worried.

I knew we were hoping to move and wasn’t sure where we should plant this precious plant. But NannyJane came to the rescue and Mia carefully dug a hole at the farm in the designated cucumber area of the garden. She and NannyJane have watered it carefully (NannyJane may have watered it a little more).


She took her time picking which cucumber she wanted to devour first.

Photo Jul 24, 7 17 45 PM (1)Then we peeled it and added a titch of salt.

Photo Jul 26, 7 29 31 PM (1)

Yummy! Mia may have a green thumb. But it’s also clear she does her best gardening (and eating) in her pajamas!

We’re Making Our Move

We sold our house!

Photo Jul 28, 12 46 44 PM

We are so excited to be moving across town to something closer to the schools and parks and downtown. We’ve been boxing it all up.

Photo Jul 26, 12 55 09 PM

And we’ve never had such a big truck in our driveway before.

Photo Jul 28, 8 40 19 AM (1)

On to our next chapter!