Kindergartners Take the Farm

I’m so proud of our son, Brian. Every year, he invites a kindergarten class to the farm for a field trip. He figures out ahead of time what he wants to teach them and how the morning will go, and afterward seems so energized. He’s such a good daddy himself, and yesterday’s visitors are our future farmers, so thank you, Brian!


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happy HAPPY birthday to MaryJane and Carol!


Carol and MaryJane share the same birthday—probably the reason why they’ve worked so well together for so many years—they’re really two peas in a pod. So today we’re celebrating their birthday farmgirl-style with a triple chocolate cake (Saralou’s surprise), gluten-free brownies (Karina’s surprise), huckleberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lemon cupcakes with huckleberry frosting (my surprise made by my friend Traci).

Yup, no pictures of us today cause we’re reserving the day for sweat pants and celebrating (eating). I’m thinking we’ll make popcorn for lunch.

meet baby Yore

Another new baby Jersey was born yesterday to Mama Emma. I named him Yore, not because he’s harmless and sweet like Eeyore (who is surprisingly good at Pooh-sticks), and not because Yore means
yesteryear, time past, and especially long past as in Heritage Jersey, the breed I’m big on because they’re so small. I named him Yore because when I rolled him/her over to find out we’d just had our third GUY in a row (we want girls—they give milk), I said …


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