1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Are your roses still blooming? Wow, they sure are pretty.

    Hey MaryJane, I found this fantastic book on Amazon : Apples of Uncommon Character by Rowan Jacobsen. I got a brand new hardback for about 60% of the original cost! When I started reading it last night, it had all sorts of references to the work of John Bunker in Maine. Plus they talk about the work done at the Vintage Virginia Apples Farm( I visited last year) that is located outside of my hometown, Charlottesville. There are so many stories and photos of apple varieties from across the nation. I am loving every page! Rowan Jacobsen is also a James Beard award winning food author and has put a nice section of apple recipes in the back of the book. I just stumbled on this book by accident and what a find!

    • MaryJane says:

      Yes, our roses are still blooming! The apple recipes in the back hold promise. Any thing in particular you think we should try?

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        I will let you know as soon as I get to that part. There just might be a special recipe Ashley could use in her repertoire!

  2. Received two things from you today. First, your “rose” photo-of-the-day on Facebook. Then I went to the mailbox for today’s post delivery and there was the Dec/Jan 2016 issue of Mary Janes Farm. For years I have been purchasing your magazine from one of the three health food stores I frequent. But receiving the magazine in the mail is a special treat. As usual, I began reading starting with the back outside cover and worked my way back thru Rebecca Teal’s treasure, “Here’s The Thing” and the ads and recipes. Not sure why, but I actually read all your ads as if they were articles. What’s up with that?!! If I ever am able to drive a vehicle that allows me to tow a T@bitha, you may find me driving up to spend a night or two on the Palouse. Enjoyed the “Collected” tips and colorful photos. Loved the Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree article. By the way, those boots that (Megan?) is wearing, waterproof bottoms and soft-looking brown uppers with a loop at the back, are really nice. Who makes them? There is a beige patch on one boot at the top but I can’t make out the brand. Then I get to the Welcome Winter’s Birds article and I am just overwhelmed with the fact that you can keep surprising me with new photos and ideas. I never before considered using vegan suet for my small backyard feeding area. You amaze me with the quality and freshness of your presentations, photos etc. I was exhausted by this time, had to stop, so I am at my laptop typing this as a “break” from the ecstatic joy and beauty you bring me with every issue. After a short break, I will most likely be back in my rocker and reading and re-reading and marking pages with a tab until the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I recently retired and have the freedom to “sleep in” if I need to. It is damp and rainy this week in Greensboro NC, so sleeping in is definitely an option. milka

    • Carol Hill says:

      Thanks for your lovely comments about the magazine, Ludmilla! Just what we all needed on a chilly Wednesday afternoon! We’ll check on the boots that Kristi was wearing in that photo and post here about them.

    • Megan says:

      Thank you, Ludmilla! So love picturing you devouring the magazine. Sadly, the boots Kristi wore on our Christmas tree hunt are LaCrosse but as she puts it, she bought them a hundred years ago. Possibly they are still making something similar? Good luck! And happy reading and sleeping in. Best wishes and farmgirl hugs…

  3. Wow! that rose is stunning! Would love to have that in my yard! 🙂

  4. terry steinmetz says:

    what a beautiful rose! thanks for sharing & making my rainy day brighter!

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