A Day at the Junkyard

To some folks, it might be the junkyard, but to us, it’s mistitled and should be named the treasure yard. Check out the squirrel hanging above our heads—clearly a treasure for someone. He made a good mascot for our excursion.

Photo Oct 13, 1 52 02 PM

Looking for inspiration for new projects for both the magazine and our Sisterhood newsletter, Kristi, Cassi, and I decided to venture to the local salvage/treasure yard. I also ought to introduce these two officially. Cassi is our new Marketing Assistant, but really, she’s family, as she started out as our nanny years ago. We’re just happy we snagged her again when she graduated this past spring. And Kristi’s official title is Editor’s Assistant. What that really means is Kristi is my right hand farm hand. We work hand-in-hand on most projects, and there isn’t anyone I’d rather do it with.

Photo Oct 13, 1 22 08 PM

Our local salvage yard is acres of goodies. We searched high and low for a few tin-man parts (watch for him in an upcoming magazine issue).

Photo Oct 13, 1 30 18 PM

And for your own inspiration, here are few piles I couldn’t help but take a quick snapshot of. I’m sure we can come up with something to create from these treasures.

Photo Oct 13, 1 48 21 PM

In fact, I already have a plan that requires a pile of springs … every farmgirl needs a pile of springs!

Photo Oct 13, 1 47 29 PM



  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Now, that is what I call a fun jaunt! No agenda, just pals and an open mind for what looks inspiring. Now that pile of springs? I’m definitely gonna need a LOT of help with being one of those Farmgirls who needs a pile of them at her home! Can’t wait to see what repurposing ideas come together from this trip.

    Hi Kristi! Nice to meet you Cassi!

  2. Cindi says:

    Oh I hope you got those curly cue hook thingies sticking up in that bowl there!! I have an idea or two for them ~ hmmm, ‘cept maybe we would also need a nice tree, or.. sumthin (brain is making whirling noises now). What fun that day must have been.

  3. Kristi Wildung says:

    Hi Winnie! I think a little field trip may be in order the next time you’re up this way. We can cure you of your spring aversion 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    WOW! Some great junque there. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it. And such nice springs! I have access to a complete box/mattress spring set and love all the ideas on Pinterest. Can’t wait to make something from them myself.

  5. Krista says:

    This looks like so much fun! I can only imagine how many cool things you can find in a junk yard that can be transformed into something new. I can’t wait to see the next magazine issue and see that tin-man. My all-time favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. I just might be making a trip to my local junk yard now so I can make my own tin-man. Thanks for the great idea.

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Our Little Farmers

We took our Tabitha out again. On the way home, we stopped to stretch our legs in the middle of Washington state farmland.

Photo Sep 07, 5 23 52 PM (1)

The gravel surrounding the silos was a perfect spot for a quick game of tag, but when I came around the side of the camper, I found Stella hunched over the dog’s water bowl with a handful of the stray wheat berries …

Photo Sep 07, 5 36 18 PM (1)

… planting wheat, of course.

Photo Sep 07, 5 36 53 PM (1)

And Mia, being a tad younger, was around the other side of the truck planting hers in the gravel, no water needed. Ha!


  1. Karlyne says:

    Adorable! Hooray for our future farmers!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Too cute!!!

  3. Too Sweet-like there won’t be random wheat growing there anyway. Wow your western silos are so much bigger than those around here.

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