Bath Time

We’ve had such a warm summer, but it’s coming to an end. To celebrate our first day of cooler weather, we bundled up and headed to the tub, farmgirl style.

Photo Aug 30, 2 57 49 PM

Photo Aug 30, 3 05 09 PM

Photo Aug 30, 3 17 59 PMPhoto Aug 30, 3 17 26 PM

It even started to rain, which we’ve been dreaming of for weeks!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I wish I had been able to take advantage of a long tub soak last May! Next time for sure. It looks luxurious and Fun!!!

  2. Bonnie ellis says:

    They are so cute in that tub. Wish I would have had a girl too. Enjoy those special moments.

  3. Kay Baucom says:

    My granddaughters are coming to visit and I wish I had a set up like this for them. Some day…..

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