A Women’s Prerogative

What is?

You know, to change her mind.

Or to put it another way, her metanoia.

I know, it sounds like a vitamin supplement, doesn’t it?

“Say, honey, could you pass me 500 mg of Metanoia, please?”

If only it were that easy. Change in a bottle, if you don’t mind. Take two and call me in the morning?

noun meta•noia \[met-uhnoiuh]

Origin and Etymology:
Greek, from metanoiein: to change one’s mind, repent, from meta- + noein to think, from nous mind
First Known Use: 1577

So, perhaps it’s less about switching the style of your coiffure from beehive to French twist, or your indecision over a jelly donut vs. a cheese omelet, and more of a spiritual change, a lifestyle change, almost a conversion.

Like when you switched to organic food. Or joined the Farmgirl Sisterhood. 😉

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