Painting 101

Our first summer project required getting out some paint, on a five-gallon scale.

Photo Jun 06, 2 42 20 PM

The girls were actually a big help and made a lot of progress for about the first four feet up the walls.

Photo Jun 06, 3 14 05 PM

I wore Mia out, and she only got a little paint plastered to the back of her head. That’s what I get for taking a picture!

On a side note, I found it helpful while they painted to stand back and clean up messes and drips, which seemed to occur fairly often. I’m glad I didn’t attempt to paint with them. I saved my painting for the above-the four-foot-line after they were done and plum tuckered out.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I bet they had fun doing that painting. There is something sort of magical to apply paint to a surface and see it transform right before your eyes. That is at the 4 foot level!! LOL!!

  2. Cindi says:

    Painting! So much fun at that age. You have just created great memories for them! To this day the memory of the heat in my grandmother’s upstairs bedrooms, the scratchy sound of that tiny transistor radio, the scent of wallpaper paste and visions of my parents working as a team to hang strips of wallpaper while I spread the paste on the next brings a huge smile. Simple acts create wonderful life long memories of things we never thought worthy of being a memory. Having met the requirement for getting paint in hair ~ those girls deserve a beginner’s badge in interior decorating 🙂

  3. Karlyne says:

    It doesn’t look like you have the floor covered-did the drips just wipe right up? Or are they much, much neater than I am?

  4. Debbie says:

    So cute, Meg! Way to get them started early! I haven’t painted our daughters room in three years… she does it all herself now… 🙂 Your girls are getting so big and adorable..I agree with Cindi…they’ve earned a badge in ID!
    Love to all,

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