We took our Tabitha on an excursion.

Photo Aug 13, 6 06 12 PM

Photo Aug 13, 6 08 58 PM

We stayed next door to NannyJane and Grandpa with Uncle Brian and Aunt Ashley and their kiddos just down the lane in the Forest Service campground we stayed in. I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more pics of NannyJane’s new glamper, but I’m sneaking you a peek for now.

Photo Aug 14, 5 31 06 PM

The grandparents brought the good stuff. Plenty of tomatoes from the garden, and every granddaughter needs a s’more!

Photo Aug 15, 7 28 16 PM

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Love that s’more face!!

  2. Gail M says:

    I just returned from Colorado. While I was there or somewhere in between there and Nebraska, I saw a trailer much like the Shasta ….it was beautiful! I had never seen a trailer quite like it….it had wings! It was being pulled by a matching red vintage pickup. Could it have been this one? Blessings from Kansas!

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