Name your favorite …


A name springs to mind in nothing flat, right?

When I ask that question, I always get an answer. Seems like we all had one and …

… she/he gave you more than just a head full of facts. She made you feel special, capable, and loved. Clearly, she helped you navigate your way to where you are today.

The great ones always do.

And so you probably find yourself wondering (I still do) if that teacher ever knew just how much she meant to you. If she’s still alive, you could track her down, write her a letter …

But what if she found you first?

After Lois Hayes of Lexington, Mississippi, retired from her 33-year teaching career, she didn’t want to lose touch with her students. Once a year, she reminds each one how much they meant to her. How? By sending out hundreds of cards that say,

“Happy Birthday!”

No kidding.

Her birthday tradition started as soon as her own children were grown. Every former student began getting a card each year, and the cards will no doubt continue coming as long as Lois can put pen to paper.

She simply loves “keeping up with the kids,” some of who are now in their 50s … and still getting birthday wishes from a beloved teacher.

Candles. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Joey Gannon from Pittsburgh, PA

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  1. drMolly says:

    an absolutesly wonderful thing – what a thoughtful and loving person.

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