I’ve seen it.

I’ve done it.

I know this to be true:

When women invest in one another, it’s a win-win situation.


If you’re with me, girlfriends, take a gander:

The Women INvesting in Women INitiative (WIN-WIN) was created by the Calvert Foundation to raise $20 million to invest in organizations and projects that create opportunities for women around the world.

Women working at Douglas Aircraft. October 1942. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Fordmadoxfraud.

Tell me more …

According to the World Bank, investing in women is smart economics because there is a marvelous multiplier effect: when women benefit from economic gain, so do their families and communities. That is the driving force behind WIN-WIN.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:


Every dollar you invest with WIN-WIN goes directly to flexible and affordable loans for women.


You receive up to 2% interest on your investment while empowering women to succeed.


Donate $100 to WIN-WIN, and your gift will be leveraged to create $500 in loans to organizations and projects in the WIN-WIN portfolio.


Your tax-deductible gift provides ongoing support as it is used over and over again to create opportunities for women around the world.

That’s what I call giving back.

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