When women weave their hearts and strength together to form one contiguous fabric, they create a magical kind of security, sheltering one another from storm and strife.


Photo courtesy of WEFTshop’s Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/weftshop

Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than among the women of WEFTshop.


Photo courtesy of WEFTshop; http://weftshop.com/workshops/


Photo courtesy of WEFTshop; http://weftshop.com/

WEFTshop is a non-profit organization that supports refugee women from Burma who are living on the border of Thailand by developing their skills as textile artisans.


Photo courtesy of WEFTshop’s Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/weftshop

The women, who have fled persecution by the Burmese military regime, are able to earn a fair wage in a safe environment by using traditional hand weaving, appliqué, and metal beadwork skills to create beautiful textiles.


Photo courtesy of WEFTshop’s Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/weftshop

According to WEFTshop’s three fabulous founders, “Buying Weftshop’s handwoven textiles and handmade products helps support women and their families to buy nutritious food, medicine, and other essential household goods so important to achieving a basic standard of living … Our aim is to support cottage industry capable of delivering sustainable income while also promoting traditional textile skills.”

WEFTshop’s woven creations include naturally dyed scarves, shawls, table runners, cushions, bags, and wall hangings, as well as children’s clothing, dolls, and fabric.


Photo courtesy of The Shop for Change http://www.theshopforchange.com

Shop the entire collection at The Shop for Change.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wonderful program and important to elevating women from poverty and abuse world wide. It is so incredible how so much change can occur from a simple concept. It has been shown that when women are educated and participate in the economy, the country is better for everyone!

  2. Kim Platt says:

    Wonderful story. I loved reading about this program. If more people worked together, just imagine how much better the whole world would be!

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