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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I always wondered why birds don’t stay in their birdhouses in nests during the winter. It seems like it would ever so much warmer and drier. They look so cold standing on these tiny legs on snowy branches and huddled in bushes. I wonder if any species stay in their nests all year long. It might beat flying the way down here to Florida!

  2. Cindi Johnson says:

    I was looking at some lovely birdhouses yesterday made by local artists and really wanted to get a couple, but my yard seems to be attractive hornets and wasps. When I went to clean out the little birdhouse that was on the fence when I moved in had 3 wasp nests and a little dead bird in it. I really (really, really!) dislike the new “plastic” fencing, but maybe it would not make very good nesting material for the wasps!

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