adopt a cow for Christmas!

“As you think about your holiday gift list, please consider a gift that gives back to family farmers,” says American Farmland Trust. It’s not farmland without farmers. To save farmland, we must ensure that all farmers can make a living—as well as a life—on the land. American Farmland Trust works to save family farms by building community support for agriculture, improving market opportunities, and ensuring access to land for the next generation.

With a donation of $25 or more to American Farmland Trust, you’ll “adopt a cow for someone special” and they’ll send your recipient an adorable plush cow named Milkshake and a certificate of adoption.


It’s a fantastic way to give a meaningful gift—one that will help family farmers thrive by supporting the work of American Farmland Trust.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I am now going to be the proud owner of a Milkshake! It seems like the perfect gift to me to go with my new FSOTY Moo Cow Quilt! There is more than one way to have a backyard cow! Thank-you MaryJane of sharing this. I love how the fund helps family farmers too. Win Win!!

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