Plum Pit

It’s time to wrap up another MaryJanesFarm B&B season. The Plum Pit, where we serve breakfast, is asking to be tucked in for the winter ahead.

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Fly little birdie, fly!

Every now and then, when I’m out and about, I come across a bird that’s lying on ground, stunned, having hit a window. I quickly snatch it into my hands so a preying cat doesn’t pounce on it. Then I hold it until it’s ready to fly again. Only once, did one of my birds …

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When city hall says GET OUT!

In 1969, when the town of Hertfordshire, Great Britain, sent bulldozers to oust May Savidge from her home in order to build a new road, she wasn’t about to go quietly.

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Intrepid Glampers

This is the last weekend for our Bed & Breakfast. We had four guests. Alyson Oüten and her sis, Kara, shared a tent. They cooked over the campfire, ate our homemade s’mores, drank wine, and took turns soaking in one of our outdoor bathtubs.

I woke up early this morning to feed my animals and noticed that my pregnant Jersey cow, Maizy, was missing. It was just getting light, so I grabbed my binoculars and scanned the nearby fields (covered in wheat stubble from the recent harvest). There she was, a fair amount away, looking just like an elk or deer. (It’s hunting season here.) Not wanting to waste any time, I broke into a run to …

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MaryJanesFarm Bed & Breakfast featured on Yahoo

Our Bed & Breakfast was featured on Yahoo News today as one of the Top 5 Places to Unplug!!!! Gadgets stay in the suitcase. However, the organic food you eat here and the outdoor bathing takes you far, far, far away from all the constant twittering and yammering. Come glamp with us!!!!