National Glamping Weekend

Have you seen it? Are you ready? Get set, mark your calendars!!!

Gather up your sleeping bags and hair rollers girls, it’s National Glamping Weekend! June 2-3rd will officially mark the first weekend dedicated to glamorous camping with your best gal-pals, your family, kiddos, and whoever else is in need of some outdoor pampering. Our event will be in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

the apprentice

In preparing for our bed & breakfast season, (we’ve been featured twice this year as one of the best places to: Unplug on Yahoo, and a destination for: Ultimate Relaxation on Smarter Travel), we’ve been thinking about a hospitality intern/apprentice to lend a hand this summer. What better place to go than … Continue reading




Pretty Girls’ Club

Okay, I went along with how to avoid blemishes. Timeless advice really—exercise, preferably outdoors, in addition to treating your organs kindly (they have to filter gunk you eat just like an oil filter in a car), but …

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Meet Emma and Bo Jangles

In addition to new momma Maizy, who is providing us with fresh milk, we have even more new arrivals to the farm. Emma and Bo Jangles, or Em and Bo (mother and son), are Jerseys who arrived at the farm yesterday looking as dapper and adorable as ever.

Mom is a dark fawn Jersey. Bo will most likely darken with age. What a stout little buckaroo!

view from my window

view from my window

On a clear day, you can see forever, and ever …