Lean in, girls …

Here’s a nibble of gossip that’s begging for gab:

I hear that a Carrotmob may be coming your way.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Photo by Kander via Wikimedia Commons











I can only imagine what you must be thinking …

A carrot-hurling gang of hoodlums!

Garden raiders!

Is Bugs Bunny behind this?

What’s up, Doc?

Before you take up your garden hoes,

let me explain.

The Carrotmob isn’t about raiding

(or rabbits).

Photo by Kessa Ligerro (GFDL or CC-BY-SA-2.0) via Wikimedia Commons













It’s a fabulously fresh initiative that is out to convince businesses to make positive changes by providing incentives.

The philosophy is simple: dangle a carrot—you know the adage.

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