Traffic-Jam Preparedness Kit

Wowzer! The news from Atlanta regarding traffic jams is horrendous. Did I say amazing, wow, and did I shake my head in disbelief? But you know what? I am NEVER without the following in my vehicle. And I always leave home with two quarts to a gallon of water, even if I’m only driving 10 miles to town.

      • Freeplay Eco-Charge hand-crank charger is for use far from outlets. But make sure you have a car power adapter for the devices you want to charge. Also water resistant and compact.
      • Garrity hand-crank flashlight
      • shovel (I have a Gerber Gorge folding shovel.)
      • lady-on-suitcaseswindshield scraper
      • pocketknife
      • jumper cables
      • rope (Good also for antiquing.)
      • tow rope
      • tire chains (Not just for winter. Mine got me out of a mud hole once.)
      • emergency flare
      • fire extinguisher
      • first-aid kit
      • insect repellent
      • whistle
      • 100-hour candle (
      • matches in waterproof container
      • fire starter
      • full change of clothes including a warm pair of socks (and   gloves and stocking hat in the winter)
      • down parka (and down sleeping bag in the winter)
      • rain poncho (Buy a bright one so it doubles as a flag or help sign.)
      • crushable sun hat
      • stainless-steel, reusable water bottle
      • 1-gallon water (Nalgene makes a collapsible water bottle.)
      • water-purification tablets
      • non-perishable snack food (I have organic beef jerky in my kit.)
      • toilet paper
      • busy work (A book, deck of cards, paper and pens, or a knitting project to keep me occupied and calm during an emergency.)



It doesn’t look like it, but the contents of my emergency preparedness kit really do fit into one cute vintage suitcase. The smaller suitcase in the pic below is a mechanics tool kit with, hammer, wrenchs, etc.



Can you think of anything I’m forgetting? (Other than the kitchen sink.)