It’s time for some pre-winter cleaning, and no doubt I’m ready to have the whole dust-bunny-filled affair over and done with. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a little charity can turn any of my humdrum tasks into a real heart-opening experience.

You thought with a title like “purging,” this was going to be about food disorders, didn’t you? We won’t go there just yet.

Here’s what I’m doing: cleaning my closet, but with someone else in mind. I’m throwing it out! Purging. Tossing and re-turning some bounty.

There are plenty of people who can benefit from my unloved castoffs. This helps me simplify my life—I’m less likely to hold onto things for “just one more season” if I know that somebody out there can use it RIGHT NOW.

Here are a few sources I’m going to use to get started:

Evening dresses: Three (Four? Twelve?) times a bridesmaid, with the evidence to prove it still hanging in your closet? You know you’ll never wear those taffeta bombs again, so let them make memories for someone else. DonateMyDress.Org coordinates nationwide dress drives and redistributes gently used evening dresses to girls who can’t afford to deck themselves out for proms and formals.

Business clothes: Dress for Success is an organization that provides interview outfits and work attire to disadvantaged women. If looking confident is feeling confident, and confidence is half the battle, then donating your power suit can really pack a punch. Climbing out of poverty is an uphill battle—give a sister a hand-up.

  1. jeanniep ierce says:

    I do this almost weekly, but always monthly. When I die, I do not want my daughter to look at my house and feel a 100 pound weight on her shoulders.
    So I am beginning to let go of lots of stuff. If I do not use it, if it does not own a piece of my heart, I am letting someone else enjoy it. I take bags and boxes often. Much to my concern, my oldest grand feels I may be letting go of something she would someday want…….there is the rub!

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