How much do you think it takes to change the world? Probably a lot, right?

What if you knew you could do it for as little as $25?

You totally can.

How? …

It’s called Kiva.

Whether it’s a baker in Bolivia or a tailor in Tanzania, people all over the world want their dreams to come true.

Kiva allows them to do just that—with your help.

Kiva is an awesome organization on a mission to transform the world by connecting people who have a few extra bucks with people who need a few extra bucks.

It all happens in just a few easy steps:

1. Borrowers request a loan through one of Kiva’s Field Partners, who screen requests and disburse the loans.

2. The loan request is listed on Kiva’s website and (here’s where you come in) lenders fund the request by making loans from $25 to $500.

3. When the borrower repays the loan, the lender (again, that’s you) gets their money back.

Told ya. Easy.

Need an example?

Ok, let’s say our Tanzanian tailor needs $500 for new scissors and a sewing machine.

Kiva lenders start giving $25 each … and he’s trimmin’ and tailorin’ in no time at all—and since his new sewing machine means increased business and profits, he’ll also be able to provide enough food for his family and send his kids to school.

And here’s something I like … over 80% of Kiva loans go to women.

That’s it! Just $25 and you’re an international micro-banker providing funding to a small business entrepreneur on the other side of the globe.

How cool is that?!

You’ll even receive updates on your borrower, and when your loan is repaid you can choose to lend it to someone else or keep it.

And remember, it’s not just funding that you provide when you make a loan. Helping someone to realize their dreams is huge. Empowering people transforms poverty to possibility—for everyone.

Told ya. Changing the world.

Check it out for yourself:

  1. I have loaned on Kiva, and it is such a heartwarming thing to do. I’m usually cash challenged, but loaned 25. twice and get to feel the rewards of helping folks all over the world! Very good for Karma!

    • MaryJane says:

      I’ve been running into quite a few forward thinking women like you who’ve known about this all along. The world just gets better and better all the time!

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