Kind Kids

You and I see eye-to-eye.

We love random acts of kindness.

Who doesn’t?

The concept is contagious, no question, and farmgirls have the fever.

But what if you had contracted the bug years ago? What if, as a kid, you could have flaunted it, flown it like a kite, and spurred a trend toward a kinder tomorrow?

What if …

We may not be able to turn back the clock, but what if we now pass the torch to our kids?

I’m convinced that farmgirls can fuel a fad that’ll sweep schools across the nation.

Believe it, modern mammas, you are that cool!

All you need is a tool.

A gizmo, a gadget …

Oh yeah, an app!

That’s right, there’s an app to help kindle kindness in kids.

Photo courtesy of SCASvenskaCellulosaAktiebolaget /WikimediaCommons

Every day, Kind Kids suggests a random act of kindness that kids can do for themselves, friends, family, teachers, their community, or the environment.

Kids can promise to complete the suggested act or pick again to receive a different idea.

Occasionally, a “gold star” act will appear. These acts take a little extra effort and are rewarded with a special gold star. In addition, when a certain number of kind acts have been completed, the child earns a bronze, silver, or gold heart.

With an internet connection, kids can see how many acts have been done in total by all children using the app and add their own acts to the grand total.

Popularity through kindness?

Positively possible.

And that’s a fad that makes sense, even to an “old school” farmgirl like me.

  1. Kathy Beachy says:

    I’d like to see an adult version of this app to help adults randomly be kind too.

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