Unbound in Idaho

Aspiring authors, perk up your pens!

Here’s a cool concept that …

… puts a creative new twist on publishing:


The name alone is exciting, right?

Unbound, the brainchild of three British writers, is both a funding platform and a publisher with the singular purpose of putting the power of publishing in the hands of the people who love books most:

Authors and readers.

Now that’s smart.

Woman Reading, Tokyo National Museum.Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Here’s how Unbound works:

  1. You (the author) pitch an idea on the Unbound site.
  2. If enough readers support your idea, your book will go forth and (hopefully) prosper.
  3. You split the book’s net profit 50/50 with Unbound (a MUCH better rate than the traditional agent/publishing company contract, I promise).

Behind the Scenes

As an Unbound reader, you help great ideas get published. There are several different levels at which you can pledge support for an idea, and each has its own special rewards.

Here’s the really fun part: as soon as you make a pledge to support an Unbound project, you gain access to the author’s private site where you can get updates on the book’s progress, watch exclusive interviews, read draft chapters, and join discussions with the author and other supporters.

When all is said and done, you get a copy of a book that wouldn’t have existed without your input.

It has been a long time since there was so much promise in publishing.

Now for the big question …

What will YOU write?

Today, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Glamping book—taking and/or getting ready to place the last eight photos in addition to adding a bit of text here and there. Alicia (lead designer on the book) and I worked yesterday, Saturday. (I had the girls make her an extra B&B breakfast and I put fresh flowers on her desk.) Tuesday will be her last day (her first child is due in four weeks). She’s gonna be missed. I’m hoping she’ll come back at least one day a week. Fingers crossed.

“Glamping with MaryJane” ships to the printer in three days (available on Amazon now for pre-order at a steep discount) and comes out the end of August, 2012.

Today I turn 59 and my best friend Carol (lead magazine designer) turns 61 (born on the same day/peas in a pod). Every year, I have a little birthday, but Carol always has a big HAPPY to go with it.

What? Working on your birthday?

Well, I think life is pretty good when you are given the privilege of writing on your birthday. I’m lucky to be able to share who I am in words and photos. Thank you for joining me on my writer’s journey. Truly. Today is a good day. My B&B is full to the gills. My daughter, Kim, Erin, Aaron, and DIL Ashley are busy making bouquets, ironing linens, and serving breakfast to our 13 weekend guests. Hubby Nick has a special dinner planned for me. The summer holds promise and my heart holds you.

  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Happy Birthday MaryJane! Happy Birthday Carol! Good Luck Alicia with the birth of your first child! So many wonderful things happening at the farm. I am so excited to run over to amazon and pre-order your new glamping book!
    I hope the ida of “unbound” really takes off. Sounds very, very interesting.
    Well, enjoy your special day, and I hope to one day be sitting at that breakfast table at the B&B (Its on my biucket list!)

  2. Debra Davis says:

    Sending warm birthday wishes to you and Carol…what a wonderful time of year to be born! Making your life visible inspires so many of us, and helps the world to be a better place. Truly. I wish I could add a fresh bouquet from my garden to this message.

    Thanks for sharing Unbound…this aspiring writer will check it out.

    Many blessings,

  3. Tanna Licking says:

    Wishing you the best of Birthdays MaryJane, and a wonderful year!!!

  4. Jen in TX says:

    Happy Birthday MaryJane! Hope to get out to your B&B one day.

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Birthday wishes and blessings to you both!! The new book sounds wonderful and I will be ordering my copy to add to all of the other MJF collection. Thank- you all for bringing us new ideas and new challenges too. And that B&B??? Well, that happens to be right up there on my bucket list for when I hopefully retire next year!

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