I brake for half-naked men

                                                     Hit me with your best shot.

 Thumbs up ma’am. Thanks for your generous tip!

 When my farmhouse caught fire in 1996, our local VOLUNTEER fire department responded. It was 10 below zero, making the battle almost impossible. (The fire won.) Whenever they have a fund-raiser, I’m there. But half-naked men, I’m really there!

Later that day as my daughter and I were coming home from an evening event, we drove past a fire truck stopped by the side of the road. Here’s our exchange.

“Mom, do you know that guy? One of those handsome firefighters just waved at you.”

Me: “No, but I think he was one of the guys I tipped today at their fundraising car wash.”

Meg: “Awesome Mom. If that’s all it takes to “know” a firefighter, when is their next car wash?”

  1. Jennifer Larson says:

    All I have to say is “NICE!” An article after my own heart! But I am extremely glad to see that my 60 year old father (Ken Robinson), after 40 years of volunteer service in the MVFD, was not found shirtless at the car wash!! Wouldn’t put it past him though! ~Jennifer

  2. Meg says:

    Jennifer, Ken was probably doing the all night shift on a fire the night before! But if he had been you would have seen Mom posing with him for sure!

  3. Osagegypsy says:

    MY Goodness! Great brushes and squeegees!

  4. Joann Tilney-Hughson says:

    Can I move there? LOL

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