1. bobbi says:

    Hey MaryJane…
    What are those lavendar / light purple flowers in the background behind your signpost?

    • MaryJane says:

      Damsel’s Rocket (or Dame’s Rocket), hesperis matronalis. She is a relatively new wild plant species (in luscious hues of lavender, pink, and bright white) that has taken up residence on the Palouse (a designated two-million-acre region), but she isn’t difficult to tame so no one is worried about it or getting out the chemicals. She loves to border our roadways, fields and ditch banks, preferring the open and the sunlit, avoiding shadowy and shady. I think of her as our reminder to be reslient but beautiful, to gracefully and quietly live in the open.

      “Well, there is time left–fields everywhere invite you into them.” -Mary Oliver

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Mary Jane– What a welcoming sign for your home!! I love the inclusiveness message it sends!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    We are building on our amazing 7.3 acres starting this week! Next spring I get chickens and the following spring we get cows. Already have the children so I think I may steal your idea as one person on the narrow, dead end road is always in a hurry. Unfortunately they are the only people who live past us so maybe they need a reminder! BTW I thought of you when I found this property. Cold calling people and could have never, ever believed that such a gorgeous piece of property could be found (in our price range). Love your magazine!

    • MaryJane says:

      That is just so awesome that you found your PLACE! I wish you all the best. Our sign really does help with what we call “pilgrims” … strangers wandering up our dead-end lane with their foot on the gas pedal. What you don’t see in this photo is the “open range” sitting next the sign–an antique range (oven) with the oven door open:) Too cute, right?

      • Kathryn says:

        So cute! This is my first time to own my own country property although I always knew that was where I belonged. Spent my summers in Colorado at our rural Rocky Mountain compound and I left crying every year. With four boys we needed this property. Creek in the back and barn already there. As soon as we saw it we just knew. Funny thing is the husband always wanted to live in your state. Coeur d’ Alene (sp?) was his dream but could never get a job in the area to support our family. His bff is in Rexburg so we will visit! Love the oven idea BTW!!!

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