1. Elizabeth says:

    American Robins’ are wonderful birds; a pair usually nest in or really close to my garden each year. The parent Robins seem to take turns flying into my garden patch & pluck/pound away at the ground until they pull up a protein filled mouthful for their little nestlings. During the Robins’ nesting time it’s like a non-stop delicatessen here. Although just recently I was moving some of the plant filled containers around in the garden & became absorbed with a project where I was removing a miniature Dogwood tree (that is no longer miniature:-) out of the extra large container & into the ground. As I worked on this project I could see birds flying into the garden but was too busy with my project to look up. When I finally looked about a dozen songbirds flew out from this one patch of newly exposed dirt; seems I uncovered a multitude of delicious treats for our flying friends.

    Looks like your Robin caught their meal on the wing; I’ve watched Robins’ do this with moths before & the big eyed~awkward flying~green thingamagiggies? Sorry, I forgot the name…?

  2. drMolly says:

    And does not the splendid gentleman look proud of himself?

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