Are you dealing with a full deck?

Yes, winter is still here …

hunkering down,

getting cozy,

settling in for the long season’s nap.

But …

Some of us still hanker for the harvest,

even in December …

and January.

More than ever in February.

I’m always grateful for little tokens that remind me of the earth’s bounty,

show me that sweet spring glimmer at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes it’s a stray seed I find hiding in a corner of the kitchen floor.

How did it get there?

Often, it’s the brilliant color beckoning from a jar of summer-canned raspberries.

When I’m feeling really lonesome for soil and sunshine,

I get my fix listening to Stephanie Davis’ “Talkin’ Harvest Time Blues” …

So, you fix a cup of cocoa, sink into your favorite chair

Put your feet up and you thumb through the pictures and compare

Big Boys, Better Boys, Early Girls, Romas

The latest disease and drought-resistant hybrid.

But this year, I’ve stumbled upon something new, and I’m thinking about an after-Christmas gift to myself:

The Garden Deck is totally playable but with sophisticated know-how fun for plant lovers. Gin rummy anyone?

No ordinary deck of cards, this baby contains 52 beautifully illustrated cards (they look like seed packets) that contain key tips on how to care for a garden, when to sow and when to harvest, and facts like how many days until maturity, how many square feet are needed for a large variety of plants, and so on.

It doesn’t matter a lick that I’m a seasoned gardener.

This is about feeling all giddy and garden-y

in spite of the snow on the ground.

Double solitaire anyone? I’ll bet my (garden) cards trump yours?

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a find! I can think of several people who would love to have a deck of these cards. This would have been the perfect stocking stuffers for a few folks I know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I love that idea. It would be nice to hand hubby a card with all the information on it when I’m busy with something else & he needs it NOW! Thanks for this new idea.

  3. Laurie Scott says:

    I love that idea. Would be great information for any gardener. A good read on a cold winter’s day.

  4. drMolly says:

    a very clever idea!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Right up my alley. Few years ago we bought the garden version of Monopoly; each card is loaded with manure tips;-) & other helpful garden variety suggestions. We pretty much wore it out the first year & now even my hubby can tell you the difference between an annual, biennial & perennial flower! True success! Gardening is never far from my mind, hands or heart.

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