The Book of Awesome

Simply put, The Book of Awesome is AWESOME …

… but it all started with Neil Pasricha and some rather tragic events. In the same month his marriage fell apart, Neil’s best friend took his own life after battling mental illness. To cope, he created a website and began to document things that would brighten his day. Simple things, silly things, but most important, universal things that kept him afloat through a difficult time.

“Yes, writing about awesome things every day helped me get to a place where I was focusing on simple moments instead of big black clouds. I was remembering that high-fiving babies and popping bubble wrap were maybe small pleasures but they make a huge difference.”

Not everyone always has a great family to lean on, funds to keep them afloat, or hope that tomorrow is going to be better, but most everyone can agree that at least one of his 1,000 awesome things will help you appreciate the small wonders in the face of adversity. His website was soon recognized by millions of fans, won awards, and was picked up by a book publisher.

His 3 A’s philosophy of Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity, is below. Check out the motivational speech he gave (with his parents in the front row) about how his book came to be. Stick with it to the end.

Neil Pasricha Video: The 3 A’s of Awesome

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Smell the rain. Sniff a crushed blade of grass. Open an old book. Breath deep.

The last time I was on a long drive and feeling tired and anxious, I realized I was driving past acres and acres of sage brush. I pulled over, grabbed a fist full, crushed it good, then set it on the passenger seat. Suddenly, I was in Wyoming, 21 years old again, and driving my uncle’s 57 Chevy Impala, headed for my first job with the Forest Service. Then I remembered something else from that era, oh, and the time I … before I knew it, I was home safe home.


  1. Dawn Marie says:

    I agree when you notice the small things, like the smell of fresh lavender in the morning or the quiet of the morning when the sun is just beginning to it is truely awesome!

  2. Erica says:

    This book sounds like something I should read; going through the schedule day in and day out can make me feel overwhelmed & I can forget to remember to notice simple things.

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